Club colours - purple, green and wattle gold



Correct tennis shoes are very important when playing on red porous courts, such as ours.
Some shoes can damage our court surface.
They will disturb and break up the thin crust and tend to produce holes and depressions.
Shoes with sharp cornered edges can also cause damage.
Shoes must not have a raised pattern or heel of any kind. See bottom of page.
For further examples of correct shoes, read Current Information for Members

A "herringbone" patterned sole is ideal for porous courts and will provide you with the best grip.
It will allow you to slide into your shots without slipping.
Inexpensive shoes, such as Dunlop Volley, are excellent, particularly for children.
Expensive shoes are not necessarily better.
The shoe shown is Adidas, but most well known brands offer herringbone soles. Make sure to choose the correct sole, no matter which brand you choose.

Herringbone sole example